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OVALmedia not only offers ongoing series in various formats on the hot topics of our time. We also present here feature length, often award-winning documentaries that were produced for the TV channel ARTE. These cannot be found anymore in the respective media centres or else have been removed (censored) from platforms such as YouTube.
In addition to that, we document informative events with experts, that are too often ignored by the MSM.

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Narratives – profound feature lenth interviews with guests that chellenge current (official) narratives.


Video-commentaries with sometimes lesser heard experts invigorate the range of opinions providing their insides and perspectives.p>


So nonone can say afterwards: we didn’t know!
Documentary series about collateral damage in times of Covid-policies. By Johanna Wahlig


The Planet Lockdown Interview Series is the largest international, high-level interview series to cover the Covid-19 pandemic measures, scientific debate thereon, political analysis and forecasting of what this is all about and where it is headed, the effects of the measures on children, the spiritual conundrum this places us all in pitting us all against one another.

We interviewed former Prime Ministers, members of German parliament, preeminent microbiologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, research scientists, a prince, an archbishop and a bishop, vaccine scientists, bankers, financial forecasters, WHO whistle blowers, a former Pfizer VP, small business owners, international attorneys, doctors and even the inventor of nanopathology. On this page we have the entire full interview series, over 50 in total!