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The Monsanto strategy

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Aneel Hegde has been fighting for decades for the self-determination of Indian farmers. Now he has become the first Indian parliamentarian to raise his voice against the superiority of the World Health Organization (WHO). Because there is a parallel between, for example, genetically modified BT cotton and the anti-Covid jabs. Both products are part of a hybrid exercise of power, which is symbolized by the presence of the late Donald Rumsfeld on the boards of Monsanto and Gilead. The former company forces farmers to buy new seeds every year. This is because their plants do not reproduce on their own. The second company is the manufacturer of the ineffective anti-Covid drug Remdesivir, which the EU and many countries around the world bought in billions at a price of 2,000 euros per treatment. Both products destabilize the natural immune system, once in plants and once in humans.

The supra-national structures, such as the un-elected WHO, on the other hand, enjoy immunity from prosecution and operate without independent monitoring committee. Aneel Hegde has now formulated a sensational question in the Indian parliament. How much impact can he have on Indian decision-makers?

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