Fact Check

The health effects of mobile phone radiation

Faktencheck - Dokumentarfilm

Documentary – 2018 – 90 min
Director: Klaus Scheidsteger
Audio: German/English/Français

This film offers you an insight into the health effects of mobile phone radiation, which clearly differs from the industrial-political presentation. You will learn on the basis of which latest, international and independent studies and evidence from science mobile phone radiation is classified as so dangerous and about its far-reaching consequences.

  • in which period of pregnancy the embryo is most at risk
  • how badly sperm can be damaged by mobile phone radiation
  • why mobile phone radiation penetrates much deeper into the brain of children than of adults
  • how especially children’s behaviour is changed by mobile phone use
  • how the pulse frequency of 10 Hz of WLAN can have an effect on the alpha brain frequency (8 – 13 Hz) through resonance
  • how WLAN influences our brain development, our nervous system, our organs (heart, liver, thyroid gland)
  • how WLAN affects our ability to learn (school, university, etc.) and our performance (working life, etc.)
  • how mobile phone radiation can increase the risk of tumours through DNA damage
  • which research results led to the WHO being asked to upgrade the current classification of mobile phone radiation from “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (group 2B) to “probably carcinogenic” (group 2A) or to “carcinogenic” (group 1)
  • what precautions we can take to protect ourselvesWith an additional film feature on the Earth’s natural electromagnetic frequencies, without which life is not possible.With interviews and contributions from:
  • Barrie Trower, former MI5 and MI6, intelligence expert, UK.
  • Prof. Dr. med. Wilhelm Mosgöller, Medical University Vienna, Athem 1+2 Study Coordinator
  • Prof. em. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. habil Karl Hecht, Professor of Neurophysiology and of Experimental and Clinical Pathological Physiology at the Humboldt University (Charité) in Berlin, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Dr. med. Monika Krout, environmental physician, Aachen
  • Dr. Devra Davis, Cancer Researcher, Founder Environmental Health Trust, USA
  • Ministry of Health Cyprus, National Committee for Environment and Child Health

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