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in the name of OVALmedia Rome srl

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OVALmedia has a new project in the pipeline: an investigative film on bio-laboratories.

We want to investigate what are the effects of military virological studies on some of the populations hosting the bio-labs and the real aims of this scientific research.

To do this we need to go to the designated sites (scattered around the world), do research together with experts, find reliable testimonies and film them.

We need everyone’s support to make the first 90-minute documentary film on bio-labs.

We need 150,000 Euros for research and filming to be carried out in Egypt, Sierra Leone, USA, China, Italy.

Why these countries?

In Egypt, until before the pandemic, there was the largest US military laboratory in Africa and the Middle East. For years, strange epidemics developed in the area and many adverse effects occurred due to the medicines administered to contain the contagions. Then in 2019 the laboratory was moved.

To Sierra Leone. Around another US military laboratory in 2014, an Ebola epidemic broke out. Scientists at the lab found ‘patient zero’, a young child who had come into contact with a bat. But a local journalist discovered they were lying, the child had malaria, which is difficult to confuse, especially by virologists, with Ebola.

In Maryland. Prior to the pandemic, in July 2019, the Fort Detrick biolab was shut down for a few weeks after a strange pneumonia spread among the elderly at a former military retirement home and among purchasers of a newly launched brand of electronic cigarettes.

In China. After it was forbidden to even say that perhaps Covid-19 came from a bio-lab, so many now claim it without censure. What has been going on for years in Wuhan? How did the Americans and Chinese interact in the laboratory built under the auspices of the WHO?

In Italy. Where did the military move the Egyptian laboratory? To Italy, to Signonella, definitely two months before the pandemic broke out.  Today, 2023, the PNRR provides for one bio-lab per region. A protest movement has sprung up that seems to have succeeded in preventing the construction of one in Pesaro.

Our supporters will have their names in the credits as supporters and the film file as soon as it is finished.

In case we cannot reach the full amount, we will focus on a smaller number of countries. For example: Egypt/Italy

Viruses have become a major topic on the agenda of governments and in everyone’s lives. But very rarely is the issue of bio-laboratories and dual research, i.e., military research aimed at building biological weapons in defiance of international treaties, addressed. If we all knew more, we could understand what is going on around us and choose how to position ourselves.

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