So nobody can say afterwards, “We did not know!”

On the backdrop of the historical crisis of our time, there are human beings, families, existences, fates. In our epic portrait-series you’ll see faces of actual human beings, not just numbers.
This chronical of contemporary history is being published internationally in a threefold way: as short films, texts and talk shows. They are being shown on ten channels, with the first episode “The Journalist” reaching an audience of 500.000 per week. The numbers are currently going steeply up. The pilote is followed by “The Member of Parliament”, “The Headmistress”, “The Medical Officer”, “The World Champion”… in these 15-minutes short portrayals people, publicly known wants and regular citizens get to talk about how they fared in these times of crisis and what ways they took.

“Corona is bad, changes society and life. That’s what we chronicle. Stories written by the Corona crisis, stories not received or published by mainstream media. A direct approach – without comment, without criticism. But see for yourselves…“

Film maker Johanna Wahlig

Our series is based on the column „Kollateralschaden“ by Frank and Johanna Wahlig on Reitschuster. It started airing in 2021.

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Sixteen-year-old Cheyenne from Hollfeld, Bavaria, wanted to be vaccinated, but not because she feared COVID.…