Trust WHO

How sick is the WHO?

trust WHO - Film

85 Min – Documentary – 2017
Director: Lilian Franck, Thomas Schlottmann (Japan)
Audio: Deutsch / English / Français
Subtitles: Deutsch, English, Español

When it comes to our health, there are very few institutions that are both competent and independent. We want to rely on doctors, of course, and health officials, as well. They, in turn, take their cues from the World Health Organization. But what if the trust that billions of people around the world put on this institution is misplaced?

This personal investigation tells the story of how the WHO has been infiltrated and influenced by industry, and how the member States misuse the UN-organization for their own national economic interests. Whether dealing with the tobacco scandal, swine flu or Fukushima – the WHO plays a daunting role. It lacks funding, power and transparency. And its decisions end up helping the pharmaceutical companies and the nuclear energy industry more than the victims. The WHO was created as a guardian of world health, but it has become the plaything of individual interests.

Lilian Franck shows a frightening portrayal of our present society, in which governmental politics is becoming obsolete.

Trailer “trust WHO”


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