136 Min – Documentation – 2022
Audio: Deutsch, English, Español. Français
Subtitles: Deutsch, English, Français, Español

A documentary about the background of the pandemic and the Big Reset.
We are living in times of great social and economic upheaval.

This documentary film sheds light on the attempt of certain elites to push through the ‘Big Reset’, structures, mechanisms, methods and realities.
In doing so, it shows that the ‘new normal’ is in fact completely abnormal, unscientific and anti-democratic.

This film is an antidote. We can all create a different reality together.

More and more people are waking up, becoming aware of the manipulations and fraud – and daring to speak openly about it.

The film sketches the whole story of the pandemic, from the scaremongering of the media, the inconclusive PCR tests, the false case numbers, through field trials to the assumption that the vaccination brings a MAC address into the body. In the process, he provides a view through a light microscope in which the vaccines form strange shapes.

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