The Pill: Atom Bomb of Contraception

50 Jahre Pille - Film

43 Min – Documentary – 2010
Director: Michaela Kirst
Audio language: English/German/French

Today, the birth control pill is the world’s most widely taken drug. Over a hundred million women ingest the pill daily. Manufacturing this product is a lucrative and profitable business. New variations enter the world market at a rapid pace. While the pill has many supporters, it also has many opponents.

The so-called “third generation” contraceptive pill advertises weight loss and other benefits to attract women. Some criticise its manufacturers for not clarifying that taking this drug exposes one to higher risks of embolism and thrombosis. Even though this product has already caused several deaths, it remains on the market. Moreover, hormones from the pills are entering global water systems with potentially detrimental effects.

“The Pill: Atom Bomb of Contraception” follows the development of the birth control pill as well as its consequences. From the moral rigidness of 1950s America to the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the film highlights one of the most significant inventions of our century while asking provocative questions about the future of contraception.

Trailer “The Pill: Atom Bomb of Contraception”

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