The Case of Willem Engel:

Willem Engel has been active in political protest againsts the disproportionate measures of the Dutch government since the beginning of the Corona crisis. Through the organization “Viruswaarheid,” which he co-founded, the biopharmacist and bioscientist educates people about the virus and its harm(lessness), organizes demonstrations and takes legal action against those responsible. For example, he sued Belgian virologist Marc van Ranst, who spoke flippantly before an audience in Great Britain about the time of swine flu in 2009, during which time he fooled the Belgian population into, among other things, getting vaccinated. This was done using the mainstream media via targeted fear-mongering.

Reactions of the leading Dutch media to the resistance activities of Engel and his organization have always been unanimous: defamation, downplaying the number of critics, and even drawing comparisons to terrorism. This is now also one of the official reasons given for Engel’s arrest and, in particular, for his pre-trial detention: “Statements with a terrorist aim,” he would incite acts of violence via Twitter and at protests, and there was a risk of repetition.

Shortly before Engel’s arrest, there had been a petition circulated by media demanding that Engel be arrested and imprisoned. It was signed by 22,000 people. These are exactly the methods that Raphael Bonelli describes in relation to framing in our CORONA.FILM – Prologue: all participants of a measure-critical demonstration are, without exception, lumped together with extremists and then treated as such by the state. Even Willem Engel himself aptly described this approach in COMMENTARY #12 – and now he (a truth-seeking and peaceful activist) has fallen victim to such mechamisms unworthy of a democracy, unjustly imprisoned awaiting trial.

We encourage you to look into this case and discuss it with your friends and acquaintances. For more information about Marc van Ranst’s approach to controlling people’s behavior through the media, watch the movie MONOPOLY. If you want to get to know Willem better, click here on the link to CORONA.FILM – Prologue.

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