By Rhoda Wilson November 3, 2022

Featured image: ID 2020 Digital identity Pushed as a Basic Human Right, 20 June 2017

Turkey is planning on launching a central bank digital currency (“CBDC”) next year and it will be integrated with Turkey’s digital ID system.  This integration is part of the next phase of their digital Turkish Lira research project.

As Libre Solutions Network explained, digital currency is what makes online commerce work so well. The trouble is that as the internet has invaded more and more into our lives it has given the digital financial complex more and more power. This is the foundation of a “social credit system” that aims to control every aspect of your life. Having the “right” social attitudes or behaviour will not be enough to endure this. The game is total control and the prize is all your time and assets.

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It is also important to understand that while digital currencies are tools of the technocracy so too are central banks themselves. What central banks are after with digital currencies isn’t merely control. They have control already. Their concern is that their control is too crude and they would prefer precise options to micro-manage the economy down to individual transactions.

The Turkish central bank is planning on launching its digital currency next year.

“The Digital Turkish Lira system will be integrated with digital identity and FAST,” the official report stated. FAST is a payment system operated by the Turkish central bank.Central Bank of Turkey Plans to Launch a CBDC in 2023, Coin Desk, 25 October 2022

And so, proving that the difference between a conspiracy theory and reality is about 12 months because what was called a crazy conspiracy theory last year, is now becoming a reality – a CBDC that is tied to your digital ID.

With a CBDC it becomes really easy for the state to stop dissidents from buying or selling. This is all about total control.

And consider that Turkey has had a very high inflation rate recently, and now they are announcing digital currency, which could provide an excellent opportunity for a kind of “reset.”

We are seeing high inflation in many Western countries now. I imagine a digital currency will be introduced with the excuse of preventing any further economic troubles. A reset of the global economy if you will. Maybe a “Great Reset.”

We already know that the European Union is working on a digital euro with none other than Amazon.

[Note: According to Investor Place, the EU isn’t the first government trialling a CBDC. Multiple Caribbean nations, as well as Nigeria, have completely rolled out CBDCs for all citizens. China has been trialling its digital yuan for months now and caught worldwide attention for it when it brought that test to the 2022 Winter Olympics. And this past week, both Iran and Russia started their own CBDC tests, with plans to get a final product out in the next year.]

My next prediction is that we will get personal carbon trackers to track all the carbon dioxide (“C02”) you are emitting with your digital currency purchases. This is already happening to some degree, many banks have started tracking the C02 emissions from your purchases, and in Sweden, we already have a credit card that blocks you if you exceed your C02 limit.

Read more: The credit card that tracks your CO2 emissions, Peter Imanuelsen

Things are happening fast, and CBDCs and digital IDs are the next big thing they will be pushing.

Another thing to keep in mind, a digital currency could be programmed to only be spent on the things that the state wants you to spend it on. Obviously, they will claim to be doing it to “save the economy.” The possibilities for control and tyranny are endless.

We have already seen how PayPal has a rule that they can just steal $2500 from your account if they deem you to spread “misleading information”. They claimed that to be a mistake at first, but as soon as the media storm calmed down, they REINTRODUCED that rule.

Thankfully PayPal is voluntary, and everyone can and should delete their PayPal. But what happens when it is a CBDC and you are forced to use it? What if you cannot buy anything if you don’t use it?

Do you see the problem here? This opens the door for a new level of tyranny we have never seen before.

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