Source: Students Against Mandates

For this episode of The SAM Podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Sattler, the co-founder of Free to Fly — an organization comprised of aviation professionals and airline passengers who vehemently oppose Covid-19 travel/mobility vaccine mandates. Over the course of the pandemic, the organization has worked hard to ensure the restoration of Canadian rights pertaining to airline travel and the personal safety of both aviation professionals and passengers.

With over 17 years of piloting experience, Sattler walks us through his aviation journey, the safety and logical decision making that comes with being an airline pilot and how that insight has equipped him with a clear outlook on the validity and safety (or lack thereof) of the mandates.

During our conversation, Matt imparted a very important lesson — when faced with difficult times such as these, one must consider what we value most in our lives and make a decision.

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