At a glance #3

This author’s answer is quite simple: Quod licet Iovi, not licet bovi. What is permitted to Jupiter, is not permitted to cattle, as the Romans had it. Who decides who is what? The US establishment, of course. Now move on. In fact, while the US demands the implementation of ever harsher embargoes from its European dependencies, its imports of Russian oil rose by 43%.1 It is also noteworthy that Ukraine’s trade volume has shrunk some 33% since 2012, much of which is probably due to less trading with Russia (47,9% -> 7,3%). Again, here we see the same pattern: The US preaches water and drinks wine. They allow themselves what they tell others not to do.

P.S. It’s not just the French Finance minster, the lovely Liz Truss, UK’s foreign secretary similarly stated, the need to “degrade Russia’s economy” suggesting that the UK and her allies are cutting the Russian economy off “at the knees”. For now, Russia seems to be still on its feet.

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