held on Dec. 04, 2021 in Berlin, Germany



In a nutshell

Clear evidence, both pathologically and statistically, for serious adverse effects of corona mRNA-vaccination is being presented.
Methods and criticism are being addressed.

Summaries for the four major parts of the conference

During the 2nd pathology conference pathologist Prof. Burkhardt presented detailed evidence for vaccine-induced damage (‘adverse effects’). The main reason for this is “lymphocyte-predominant tissue destruction (“inflammation”) with (an ensuing) immanent prolonged auto-immune disease.” Basically, lymphocytes (infection-fighting body cells) are running amok. Pathologist Prof. Land adds that the vaccine simulates a heavy infection. While normally most pathogens are stopped before they can enter the bloodstream, with the vaccines they are directly introduced into the blood thus eliciting an immune over-response.

Lawyer Becker gives an update on legal cases due to adverse vaccine effects. Although the adverse effects are recognized, courts decide that there is no liability for doctors that administer the vaccines, even if they neglect to fully inform their patients on potential risks.

Next, pathologist Dr. Krüger, a specialist in breast cancer, talks about her observation of faster growing and bigger breast carcinomas in young and vaccinated women. She is asking colleagues to help with empiric studies.

Prof. Bergholz is a specialist in risk-assessment. Based on a variety of sources, he concludes that the short-term adverse effects of corona-vaccines are 10-60 times higher than with conventional vaccines. In the age group 10-59 the risk of dying from mRNA corona-vaccination is 15 times higher than the risk of dying from a corona infection. Vaccinated persons over the age of 30 are 30x more often tested positive for corona than unvaccinated ones and are at least as infectious.

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