Perspectives of the WHO: From Advisory Body to World Government? | Part III

Review of pandemic management and the protection of health, freedom and national sovereignty

WHO Pandemic agreement and IHR: protecting health, freedom and national sovereignty – Part 1

With speeches by following guests:

Senator Claudio Borghi – About loss of national sovereignity, privacy, data and the WHO – 00:00-26:00
Questions to Senator Borghi about the „Green Pass“, and Italian politics during the „pandemic“ 26:00-37:00

Prof. Eduardo Missoni – ‘The Capture of the Regulator’: why not approve changes to WHO instruments? 37:24-58:00
Catherine Austin Fitts – Global financial scenario, CBDC and digital control grid 58:10-01:18:00
Sen. Thomas Pressly – *Has Louisiana started the domino effect? * 01:19:10- 01:34:00
Hon. Rob Roos – The relationship between the European Union and the WHO 01:34:00-01:45:30

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