Perspectives of the WHO: From Advisory Body to World Government? | Part I

Review of pandemic management and the protection of health, freedom and national sovereignty

Review of pandemic management: evidence of mistakes not to be repeated – Part 1

With speeches by following guests:

Prof. Jay Bhattacharya – COVID management: Great Barrington Declaration and censorship of scientific information 00:00-24:50

Dr. Meryl Nass – The WHO + biological warfare agenda: What can we do? 25:00-46:00

Dr. Norman Fenton – *The illustration of efficacy and safety for vaccines and other public health interventions 46:10-01:10:00

Dr. Alberto Donzelli – COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Turns Negative: quantifying vaccine adverse effects and associated mortality 01:10:00-01:49:00

• QUESTIONS – 01:49:00-02:11:50

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