We currently face 4 Disease X’s: Bird Flu, Monkeypox, African Swine Fever (in pigs only) and Dengue. All are being hyped and there are human vaccines for the 3 human diseases

By Meryl Nass, 30.05.2024
Source: merylnass.substack.com

They can be used to reduce the food supply, impose border restrictions, reduce tourism, cause economic sanctions and economic warfare. Not to mention vaccine mandates if the WHO’s desires move forward

Below is useful information about avian flu and monkeypox. Later I will follow up with Dengue and African Swine Fever.

And tens of millions more chickens and poultry were culled since the article above was published—every bird is culled when one chicken has a positive PCR test, which is confirmed by a government lab. Private lab results are ignored.

Jerome Adams was Trump’s Surgeon General, but he is out there fear-porning over bird flu. Is this a taste of what to expect if Trump becomes President?

But never fear: we have vaccines!

Note that the licensed bird flu vaccine was associated with 5 times as many deaths, labelled as “fatal SAEs” (serious adverse events) in the people who received the vaccine as died in the placebo group.

But we need more vaccines! Bring on the mRNA.

They are having a heckuva time trying to find serious illness to justify the planned vaccination program.

So the PTB might have to revert to Plan B, Monkeypox aka Moneypock$ or MPOX so we don’t demean any monkeys.

Below the CDC admits it is a mild illness and actually requires no treatment except tylenol or aspirin. They also admit they don’t know if the vaccine works. They also have evidence the vaccines cause heart inflammation.

So let’s give it to as many people as possible. We just got a new supply in! And it’s PRIDE month.

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