Laura Trott (now Kenny) won the nation’s heart at the London 2012 Olympics with her brilliant performances and engaging personality

Laura Kenny and the vaccinated Olympic athletes

Another misclassification problem hiding possible adverse outcomes?

By Norman Fenton


The cyclist Laura Kenny (formerly Trott) is, in my personal view, Britain’s greatest ever athlete. While her husband Jason Kenny (7 golds) and Chris Hoy (6 golds) are the (only) athletes to win more Olympic gold medals, Laura’s record of 5 Olympic golds eclipses all other British female athletes. And, she would likely have won more than the single gold at the Tokyo 2020 games (delayed until August 2021 due to covid) if not for the injury problems she suffered in the previous year.

Today Laura announced her retirement.

In April 2022 Laura publicly revealed the tragedies she suffered shortly after the Tokyo Olympics: in Nov 2021 (3 months after the Olympics) she had a miscarriage, and then in Jan 2022 an ectopic pregnancy.

When Laura revealed these tragedies on 22 April 2022, I put out a twitter thread reminding people of my blog post (dated 3 March 2022) asking why UKHSA (in their covid vaccine surveillance reports) were putting out potentially highly misleading data on pregnancy outcomes by vaccine status. I also did a video explaining how misleading it could be.

Instead of comparing bad outcomes (like miscariage and stillbriths) for vaccinated v unvaccinated women they grouped all unvaccinated with those vaccinated prior to (but not during) pregnancy into a single “no doses in pregnancy” category. So, in comparing pregnancy outcomes this “no doses in pregnancy” category was used as a surrogate for “unvaccinated”.

In the twitter thread I said:

As a very timely example of the problems with the UKHSA reporting, today one of Britain’s leading athletes who won gold at the Tokyo Olympics in August 2021 revealed she suffered a miscarriage in November 2021 and an ectopic pregnancy in mid January 2022. She would’ve had to be double vaxxed shortly before the games to be allowed to take part. While there may be no reason to suspect the vaxx had anything to do with these two unfortunate outcomes, both would be classified in the UKHSA “no doses in pregnancy” category.

The athlete I was talking about was, of course, Laura Kenny.

While it was apparently not a mandatory requirement for all countries’ athletes to be vaccinated in order to attend the Tokyo Olympics, it was mandatory for all British athletes to be fully vaccinated:

This means that Laura Kenny will certainly have received at least two doses of the covid vaccines shortly before August 2021. As her miscarriage was 9 weeks into pregnancy in November 2021 this confirms what I said in my tweet: both this miscarriage and the subsequent ectopic pregnancy would have been recorded by UKHSA in the “no doses in pregnancy” category along with the never vaccinated.

Again, I said in my tweet, I have no reason to suspect the vaccinaton had anything to do with Laura’s two unfortunate outcomes – Laura has, fortunately had 2 successful pregancies since 2022. However, once again we are reminded not just of the extent to which the Government has gone to obfuscate possible vaccine adverse reactions, but also the insanity that led to the strongest and fittest people in Great Britain being forced to take a (useless) vaccine that they never needed and for which, even then, there were many known safety problems. And, more pertinently, to this day the full V-SAFE vaccine pregnancy data has never been released.

Obviously, I would be happy to clarify or correct any of the information in this article if Laura wants to contact me about it.

28 March 2024 Update: I have made a short (4 minute) video about this:

28 March 2024 80 minutes later updateYouTube have removed the video. This article provides new links to it.

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