By Debbie Lerman


Fauci Was NOT in Charge of Covid Policy. The National Security Council Was.

Here’s the question they should be asking Fauci, but never will: Who was actually in charge, and why?

So much excitement surrounds the questioning of Dr. Anthony Fauci under oath about the Covid pandemic response. Again. And he evades, and prevaricates, and avoids taking responsibility. Again.

And, once again, nobody asks the crucial questions.

When Fauci, former head of NIAID and the public face of the U.S. government’s Covid pandemic response, says the 6 ft social distancing rule “just sort of appeared” — doesn’t anybody wonder: WHERE DID IT APPEAR FROM?

When Dr. Francis Collins, former head of of the NIH, who according its website “spearheaded the NIH’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” says about the 6ft social distancing rule, “I did not see evidence, but I’m not sure I would have been shown evidence at that point” — doesn’t anybody wonder: WHY WAS THE SPEARHEAD OF THE RESPONSE NOT SHOWN THE EVIDENCE? AND WHO WAS NOT SHOWING IT TO HIM?

These are just two examples of how government committees of “investigators,” when questioning the “leaders” of the Covid pandemic response, skip right over the most relevant issues.

The National Security Council Was in Charge of Pandemic Policy

In fact, we know from the official U.S. government pandemic planning documents, that the pandemic response policy was actually not set by these public health figures at all. It was determined by the National Security Council — the advisory board to the President of the United States on matters of national security. Not a public health board. A group of military and intelligence people who advise about war and terrorism. They were in charge.

So to answer the unasked question: Where did the 6ft distancing rule “appear” from? It was determined by the group in charge of pandemic response policy — the National Security Council.

Was it based on public health or science? No. It was based on the NSC’s lockdown-until-vaccine policy. It was meant to keep everyone terrified and everything shut down until the application of the miraculous mRNA countermeasures.

Why was Francis Collins “not shown evidence at that point”? Because officially as of March 19, 2020, nobody in the public health departments of the government was in charge of anything related to the pandemic response.

Starting on that date [or a day earlier, according to other documents], as noted in its January 2021 “Initial Assessment Report,” FEMA assumed the lead for the federal response to the pandemic.

The role was unannounced, unprecedented, and (I believe) illegal. It removed HHS, the public health umbrella agency, which was designated as Lead Federal Agency (LFA) for pandemic response in every document, exercise and directive leading up to Covid, and replaced it with FEMA — effectively placing the pandemic response under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security, which is the parent agency of FEMA.

By law, the Secretary of HHS is supposed to lead “all Federal public health and medical response to public health emergencies”:

But regardless of the legality of replacing HHS with FEMA, by March 19, 2020 — NOBODY IN ANY PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCY WAS IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING related to the Covid pandemic response. The National Security Council was in charge of policy. And FEMA/DHS was in charge of everything else.

All the heads of all the public health agencies who were on TV 24/7 telling everyone about the 6ft distancing, the masking, the testing, the quarantining: EVERYTHING THEY SAID was not based on any science or public health policy.

So if the US House Committee on Oversight and Accountability wants to oversee or demand accountability for the catastrophic Covid pandemic response — the first question that must be asked is: WHO WAS ACTUALLY IN CHARGE?

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