Covid-19 vaccines, safe and effective? | Seminar at the Swedish Parliament – Part 4: Pierre Kory

Event sponsored by Children´s Health Defense (CHD-EU, LINK) and Swedish Doctors Appeal.

Presented by Elsa Widding, Swedish politician, master’s degree in engineering and environmental sciences

Hosted at the Swedish Parliament, 29th September 2023

Dr. Pierre Kory

Topic: Global war on Ivermectin

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine specialist from the USA. Former Associate Professor and Chief of the Critical Care Service at the University of Wisconsin.

He claims that well proven antiparasitic medicine Ivermectin is effective against Covid, which can not be said about the mRNA vaccines. Ivermectin would have been an alternative to the mass vaccination campaign.

Watch also his NARRATIVE, about Pharma Tactics, HERE.

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