There is no doubt that in these times the virus epidemic is only one of several layers through which our society is changed massively – and it certainly is not the most important one. Another even more transforming layer is digitalization. We will increasingly share our views on this topic too. From today onward, in our “Finance Friday” series, we want to focus on what may be the most fundamental layer driving current affairs – the financial system.

The start of our new video series begins with the video “How the Economic Machine Works in 30 Minutes,” by the American investment manager Ray Dalio. This simple but not simplistic, beautifully animated video describes how our economy is interwoven with the financial system. Dalio also dives into how the way in which we create money – combined with compound interest – inevitably leads to short-term and long term-debt cycles, which are the driving forces behind our economy and economic policies.

A 30 minute video that is well worth watching more than once.

With permission of Ray Dalio & The Principles Team. (not spoken, only for posting)

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