Only the Animals

Only the Animals

117 Min - Feature Film - 2019


A missing woman, a snowstorm, five people involved: what connects them?


A woman has disappeared. The day after a snowstorm, her car is found on a lonely road leading up to a mountain with nothing but a few isolated farms. While the police search in vain for clues, five people know they are connected to the disappearance. Each one bears a secret, but no one could have suspected that this story began far away, not on this mountain swept by winter winds, but on another continent where the sun burns bright and where even poverty can do nothing to stifle the unstoppable force of desire.


  • Author(s)

    Gilles Marchand (screenplay)
    Dominik Moll (screenplay)

    Colin Niel (novel)
  • Director(s)

    Dominik Moll
  • Producer(s)

    Simon Arnal
    Caroline Benjo
    Barbara Letellier
    Carole Scotta
    Gerhard Meixner (co-producer)
    Roman Paul (co-producer)
  • Camera

    Patrick Ghiringhelli
  • Sound

    François Maurel
  • Line producer

    Michaël Goldberg
    Boris Van Gils
  • Editor

    Laurent Rouan


Denis Ménochet
Laure Calamy
Damien Bonnard