Le but du jeu est de comprendre les règles du jeu (Eleusis)

A description of the ELEUSIS card game. which has the particularity that the goal of the game is to discover the game rules.
It is also a beautiful metaphor of scientific research, since players must find strategies to guess the game rules, propose their theories, and submit them to peer review.

If life on this planet was only a game, maybe the goal of the game is to discover the game rules.

– Quote from Douglas Adams, in « Le Guide du Routard Galactique ».
« According to one theory, the day someone would discover exactly how the Universe works, what is it for and why it is there,
the said Universe will disappear right away to be replaced by something considerably more bizarre and inexplicable.
According to another theory, that thing has already happened. « 

Musique d’intro : Koenjihyakkei

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