CORONA.FILM – Prologue

CORONA.FILM – Prologue

75 Min - Documentary - 2021

Logline is the epic project to understand why COVID-19 happened the way it happened from the medical, social and political perspective. The patients' context is shown in the Prologue as well as the way the Italian authorities dealt with the situation in Bergamo. To this 75-min documentary, we'll add a 5-hour investigative documentary, combining "fly on the wall" scenes of activists with revealing interviews with the world's most renowned experts in various fields. We dare to ask- what world do we want to live in?


Everything is different than it once seemed. Things did not have to be this way. Not in Northern Italy, where terrible missteps and political showmanship triggered a global trauma. Nor in the official portrayal of the pandemic in the media, where a single truth was pushed through so as not to disturb the prevailing narrative with nuances and relativisations. is uncomfortable, but in the very best way.


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