La Pensée Bayésienne

In order to better understand the principles of critical thinking, it is useful to look at Bayesian statistics.
Thinking in terms of « Plausibility of hypotheses » makes it possible to no longer divide the debates between « I believe in it » and « I don’t believe in it ».
Certainly, it requires a little more calculation, certainly, it contains an element of subjectivity,
but despite everything, there is much to be gained from taking inspiration from Bayes’ formula to think better.


Book – La formule du savoir : une philosophie unifiée du savoir fondée sur le théorème de Bayes – Hoang, Le Nguyen (2018)…

Book -Le bayésianisme aujourd’hui – Fondements et pratiques – Isabelle Drouet (2016)…

Video – A visual guide to Bayesian thinking – Julia Galef…

Article – Bayésianisme versus fréquentisme en inférence statistique – Jan Sprenger…

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