La Pensée Bayésienne

In order to better understand the principles of critical thinking, it is useful to look at Bayesian statistics.
Thinking in terms of “Plausibility of hypotheses” makes it possible to no longer divide the debates between “I believe in it” and “I don’t believe in it”.
Certainly, it requires a little more calculation, certainly, it contains an element of subjectivity,
but despite everything, there is much to be gained from taking inspiration from Bayes’ formula to think better.


Book – La formule du savoir : une philosophie unifiée du savoir fondée sur le théorème de Bayes – Hoang, Le Nguyen (2018)…

Book -Le bayésianisme aujourd’hui – Fondements et pratiques – Isabelle Drouet (2016)…

Video – A visual guide to Bayesian thinking – Julia Galef…

Article – Bayésianisme versus fréquentisme en inférence statistique – Jan Sprenger…

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