Still Ladies

Still Ladies

81 Min - Documentary - 2018


New interests, new encounters, a joyful life still ahead : five 60-year-old ladies defy solitude and aging their own way.


They’re single, widowed, or divorced. They had children, a husband, a job. They have a life behind them but most importantly, a life ahead. “Ladies” unveils the private life of five 60-year-olds and their silent struggle against loneliness.


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  • Author(s)

    Véronique Reymond
    Stéphanie Chuat (co-writer)
  • Director(s)

    Stéphanie Chuat
    Véronique Reymond (co-director)
  • Producer(s)

    Stéphane Goël
  • Camera

    Joseph Areddy
  • Sound

    Jérôme Cuendet
  • Editor

    Karine Sudan