(English) Beethoven Lieder by Matthias Goerne and Jan Lisiecki

(English) Beethoven Lieder by Matthias Goerne and Jan Lisiecki



(English) From Deutsche Grammophon:

To get to know the true Beethoven, one needs to look beyond the multitude of myths that have proliferated around him – and a good starting point is to focus on some of his vocal miniatures, works that have been unjustly eclipsed by the monumental status of his nine symphonies. World-renowned artists baritone Matthias Goerne and pianist Jan Lisiecki reveal some of his rich and varied creations in this field on their first joint album, “Ludwig van Beethoven: Lieder · Songs”. Listen to Jan Lisiecki’s and Matthias Goerne’s interpretation of Beethoven’s 'Der Liebende, WoO 139'.

“The very first time we met, I noticed just how quick Jan was to grasp new ideas, not to mention the incredible ability he had to translate those ideas onto the keyboard.” – Matthias Goerne

  • Directeur(s)

    Robert Cibis
  • Camera

    Lukas Link
    Robert Cibis
  • Son

    Teldex Studio Berlin
    René Möller
  • Editeur

    Amy Meyer