Narrative by James Patrick | English

NARRATIVE by James Patrick #01 | CJ Hopkins
The Covidian Cult In this flagship episode of Narrative in English, we join James Patrick, investigator, economist, US filmmaker, and director of Planet Lockdown as he talks with CJ Hopkins about his series of essays on the 'New Normal'. CJ Hop...

Narrative | English

Catherine Austin Fitts | NARRATIVE by Robert Cibis #62
NARRATIVE #62 by Robert Cibis Catherine Austin Fitts Mafia of the powerful Filmmaker Robert Cibis questions the former US vice-minister and investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts about the mechanisms of the interplay between politics and fi...

Narrative by Robert Cibis | Deutsch

NARRATIVE by Robert Cibis #01 | Dr. René Schlott
Die Erzählmuster der Aktualität OVALmedia präsentiert seinen ersten Livestream zur Lage der Nation und Narration in Zeiten der Corona Krise aus der Werkstatt im Haus der Statistik. Es spricht der Historiker René Schlott, der u.a. Autor bei der ...

Narrative by Marc Moustacakis | Français

NARRATIVE by Marc Moustacakis #01 | Christophe Cognet
Témoigner avec des images La BERLINALE présente en première mondiale le film A PAS AVEUGLES le 14 Juin. Christophe Cognet, auteur et réalisateur du documentaire, rencontre Marc Moustacakis pour parler de son travail. Sa patiente archéologie pou...

Narrative by Nathalie Signorini | Italiano

NARRATIVE by Nathalie Signorini #01 | Franco Fracassi
I MISTERI DI WUHAN Siamo lieti di presentarvi “I misteri di Wuhan", il primo livestream di Narrative by Nathalie Signorini. Con noi, avremo il giornalista e scrittore Franco Fracassi. Esperto di geopolitica e di comunicazione, con oltre trent’a...

B&B | Deutsch

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Decisions | Deutsch

Dr. Nellie Seng - Becoming a Musician, Past and Present
What drives you to become a musician, what inspires you? How do you find the right teachers, study at the right institutions, and develop your individual career? And to what extend has the situation changed for students during the last decades, an...

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