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OVALmedia’s newly founded publishing house has set itself the goal of creating an intellectual public sphere who's main concerns are social phenomena. Our books aim to show the historical dimension of society and politics and make past as well as future forks in the road visible. The books we publish see themselves as part of a new Enlightenment, which, like its 18th century predecessor, aspires to help society as a whole become aware of itself. We firmly believe that only a conscious society that is able to assess and evaluate the direction of social phenomena can also be a free and democratic society.

General information

You can soon buy our first book in our webstore! It will be available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian!


Chronicle of a Crisis Foretold

In the Corona crisis, thousands of companies are heading toward bankruptcy, restrictions on civil rights that were hardly thought possible are decided without discussion – for an indefinite period. Governments submit to recommendations from experts, and opposition is barely visible. What is actually happening here? Paul Schreyer places the events in an illuminating global context. This book, which was a bestseller in Germany for many months, makes it clear: Current politics have not been improvised spontaneously, but are rather based on planned exercises dating back 20 years – and should be known by anyone who wants to understand what is currently happening.