Narrative Live Stream

Narrative Live Stream

150 Min - - 2020


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Our aim with Narrative was to create a format that was open, accessible and inclusive of everyone, irrespective of whether their opinions or perspectives were widely shared or not.

We want to create an open space for people to discuss topics and themes about which they feel passionate. Amongst our guests are those with wildly differing and new opinions and perspectives, as we believe that in a democracy, free debate should be allowed and encouraged.

Narrative was created to uphold diversity of opinions and freedom of speech, and through the Narrative format, we seek to meet these with mutual respect and tolerance.

Rome 2021: Following Narrative’s success with our German and English-speaking audiences, we have decided to venture out into a new field, and so Narrative Rome will be launched soon. As with the original format, our audiences can look forward to seeing the show translated into English, French, and Spanish.

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Watch past Narrative episodes here:

Narrative Original | Deutsch: Youtube  |  Odysee

Narrative Bearbeitet | Deutsch: Youtube  |  Odysee

Narratives | English: Youtube  |  OdyseeBitchute


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