Kids on Pills

Kids on Pills

Documentary - 2010


“Kids on Pills” shows the controversy about the use and the risk of certain medicine.


Kids on Pills explores the topic of children who are given psychotropic medicine to manage their behaviour. More and more often children are being diagnosed with psychiatric disturbances. In the USA they are primarily treated with psychiatric drugs. Notably, the figures of kids on psychiatric drugs has risen worldwide by 250 percent.


  • Author(s)

    Lilian Franck
    Stefanie Schmidt
  • Producer(s)

    Lilian Franck
    Robert Cibis
    Linde Dehner
  • Camera

    Knut Schmitz
    Robert Cibis
  • Sound

    Louise Culot
    Ilja Coric
  • Line producer

    Nadine Lehmann
    Javiera Tejerina