Fuck Fame

Fuck Fame

90 Min - Documentary - 2019


Electro-rap curio Uffie struggles to reconcile the subversive public persona she presents in her music with her own private identity. "Fuck Fame" explores the concept of pop star-as-meme through the eyes of a young woman who feels lost in a chaotic world of her own creation.


Anna is living the dream. Having rocketed from obscurity to internet stardom as electro-rap iconoclast ‘Uffie’ following the release of her breakout hit ‘Pop the Glock’, she is ready to take her place as socialite royalty, adored by indie boys and girls everywhere. Yet such a meteoric rise can never be without its associated pressures. Trapped between drug-fuelled hedonism, music industry bureaucracy and Myspace mania, Anna starts to wonder whether ‘Uffie’ is a character she can continue to play.

"Fuck Fame" is a film that begins where 'Pop Idol’ finishes. Rather than chasing the celebrity dream, Anna finds herself running away from the very things that made her famous. Even the birth of her first child is not enough to secure stability in Anna’s constant battle against her inner demons, as she continues to be flown around the world, caught up in a whirlwind of parties, gigs and sleepless nights. It is only following the untimely death of her mother, as well as a near-fatal overdose, that Annarealises that ‘being Uffie’ might end up killing her.

Leaving Anna in the embrace of her second child, "Fuck Fame" scrutinises society’s own addictions with celebrity, fame and social media, and poses the question: can being ‘liked’ by thousands of fans compare to the love of your friends and family?

General information

Official page: www.fuckfame.film

  • Director(s)

    Robert Cibis
    Lilian Franck
  • Producer(s)

    Robert Cibis
    Lilian Franck
  • Camera

    Robert Cibis
    Daniela Knapp
    Francesco Garbo
    Jakub Bejnarowicz
    Rainer Lipski
    Michael Laakmann
    Sabine Panossian
  • Sound

    Lex La Foy
  • Editor

    Amy Meyer


Célia Cibis
Chris Colonna
Mason Poole
Elodie Bouchez
Frida Meyer
Jean-Patrick Simonetti
Anthony Ferrando
Prof. Niels Birbaumer