Clemi Escapes

Clemi Escapes

12 Min - Short film - 1994


What’s the difference between yellow and blue?
What’s the difference between me and you?
Yellow is smile...
Blue is the sky...
And sometimes I wonder why you’re blue when you smile...


Clemi travels to Italy in one more attempt at evading her dull everyday life. Here she meets Fabio. He sings her song hanging headfirst above a precipice. She is delighted. Fabio is, however, torn. He is attracted to Clemi but is also worried about her and even fears her. Clemi fears being replaceable. A sensitive camera reveals Clemi's inner feelings.


  • Author(s) and Director(s)

    Armgard Meyer
    Lilian Franck
  • Camera

    Ali Olay Gözkaya
  • Sound

    Christoph Engelke


Jasmin Tabatabai
Giulio Ricciarelli
Karl-Heinz Butzen