The Theory of Everything


by Norbert Schwarzer

The Theory of Everything : Quantum and Relativity is Everywhere – A Fermat Universe (2020)

This book unifies quantum theory and the general theory of relativity. As an unsolved problem for about 100 years and influencing so many fields, it is important to the scientific community. Examples like Higgs field, limit to classical Dirac and Klein–Gordon or Schrödinger cases, quantized Schwarzschild, Kerr, Kerr–Newman objects, and the photon are considered for illustration. The book also provides an interesting explanation for the asymmetry of matter and antimatter in the early universe that the author found while quantizing the Schwarzschild metric.

Along the way, the methods outlined in the book are also used to tackle the problem of the proof of Fermat’s last theorem, because there is a connection between quantum theory and the basic mathematical laws of integers. The author shows that the proof of this theorem can be brought down to a few lines by applying new quantum theoretical methods. Because such proof has been sought for over 370 years, this book is of definite interest to mathematicians.


The only thing Norbert Schwarzer considers important enough to be known about him is that he does not consider himself important. Dr. Schwarzer has published a variety of papers, mainly in the fields of basic research and application of contact mechanical approaches for laminates, composites, and layered materials. Because of the need for better stability prediction and socioeconomic models, he started to apply concepts from theoretical physics in more down-to-earth fields such as materials science, school transport, and sales market analysis. Some of this work has finally led to ideas for the improvement of the original theoretical concepts.


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