If the World was a Bank it had been rescued


by Ralph T. Niemeyer

The question that arises is a fundamental one. There is no grey area. It is only black or white. Digital, like zero and one. This book proves scientifically why the financial capitalism couldn't work at all as the neoclassical economic model rests of false assumptions and fatally wrong theories which can only be covered up by manipulating statistics as well as mathematics itself. It backs up by presenting economic facts and falsifying our the neo - classical economic theory what Naomi Klein described as Shock Doctrine but goes farer in also showing a way out of the mess. "The impertinent theft by investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup paying bonuses to their managers is a conspiracy against the taxpayer but it is only a symptom, not the cause of the crisis that shall distract our attention away from the real beneficiaries, rich shareholders and owners who again are filling their pockets with any 'recovery' stock markets enjoy despite the real economy permanently being flattened", Ralph T. Niemeyer argues. "A Third Way notoriously advocated by Anti Globalization groups and other Green-Social Democratic politicians who rather stand for a certain life-style making us feel good in showing solidarity with the so called 'Third World' by granting 'debt relief' through our singers Bono of U2 and Bob Geldof, by committing to fighting climate change by fuelling our cars with 'bio-fuel' and by eating overpriced organic food regardless of the fact that we are creating a kind of Eco-Fascism won't be the cure to the present crisis. As long as we let the principles of the Chicago School of Economics and people like Milton Friedman, George Soros and Jeffrey Sachs rule over this planet, there will only be suffering and no real free society ever will develop."

Ralph T. Niemeyer was born on 9th October 1969 in West-Berlin, studied Economics and Philosophy in California and in Bonn, West-Germany and served as foreign correspondent for various media in Bonn, Paris, Washington, Moscow and Brussels. Being one of the founders of the "Occupy Deutsche Bank" - movement, Ralph T. Niemeyer organised protests in Frankfurt. He is one of the few economic editors who predicted the financial crisis as early as in 2003 in his book "Waiting for the new Führer". Other recent publications include "Hard Core Europe", "The Shadow Commission" and "If the World was a Bank it had been rescued". The author is Editor-in-Chief of EUchronicle and a columnist for New Europe and Afrique-Europe Express.


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