Documentaries are special: They look closely, they dive into strange worlds, they
uncover and they create understanding. Especially today and in the current crisis they are
more important than ever!

LETsDOK celebrates the documentary film. More than 100 cinemas will be showing on September 19th, 2020
Germany Documentaries on the big screen. At the same time transform
House walls, garages, meadows, cafés or roofs in mobile alternative cinemas.

Initiated by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dokumentarfilm (AGDOK) and in cooperation with
For the first time, OVALmedia is to host a nationwide event day for the
Cinema documentary take place that promote and celebrate the genre in a variety of ways
should. At the same time, after the months of lockdown, the cinemas should also – among the then
possible conditions and requirements – supported and animated as meeting places

For LETsDOK , cinemas all over Germany are being called to deal with the programming
of outstanding cinema documentaries and accompanying film talks on the
Participate in event day. In addition to the cinemas, film initiatives, filmmakers,
Cultural workers and private individuals at special locations for self-organized film
Invite events.

The day itself is supported by a wide-ranging social media campaign, an event
Website and various regional and national media collaborations:

More information at: www.letsdok.de .