MONOPOLY – Who owns the world (Part 1)

In MONOPOLY Part 1, Tim Gielen follows the money, showing us how only two companies have a total monopoly over all industries in the world. Part 2: If you would like to donate directly through our website, please click here Bookmark

NARRATIVE #12 by Franco Fracassi | War without a fight

The Professor Giuseppe Tritto, President of the World Academy of BioMedical Technologies, provides some important revelations. A cascade of information about the virus, its genesis, the Wuhan twin laboratory and much more is revealed by someone intimately familiar with the world’s elite scientists and the dynamics that govern them.

CORONA.FILM – Prologue

Everything is different than it once seemed. Things did not have to be this way. Not in Northern Italy, where terrible missteps and political showmanship triggered a global trauma. Nor in the official portrayal of the pandemic in the media, where a single truth was …