NATO-Exit under Art. 13:

Dismantle NATO, Close Down 800 US Military Bases, Prosecute the War Criminals By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, April 17, 2022 This text was first published on April 4 2019 in the context of the Florence International Conference: No War, No NATO which centred on the key relationship between US-NATO military …

Imports into the EU – Energy

Per the above graphic Europe imports most of its energy. The energy potential of each country differs. Germany is pushing so called renewable energies, which are, however, insufficient for covering its energy needs.1 As for fossile fuels, Germany has coal, lignite and hard coal.

Practical Conspiracy (Theory)

“There is nothing more practical than a theory“, Einstein is supposed to have said. Whether real or well invented, this saying is good. This time, I want to shed light on the function of theories in normal science, but also in the Corona crisis, where – stay the hell away from me – people shout “conspiracy theory!”.