50 Groups Target Bill Gates

Fifty organizations dedicated to food sovereignty and food justice issues signed an open letter calling out Bill Gates over his latest claim that technology is the solution to world hunger and food sovereignty and asking the media to do a better job of covering the issue.

Our new bookshop is online

Dear OVALmedia bookshop visitors and customers, our new bookshop is now online. We hope you like our new design. Here are some new features: Please create a new customer account, we do not transfer the old LOGIN data. Alternatively, you can order continue as a guest if you do not want to create an account yet.

ICNIRP-Report: Conflicts of Interest, Corporate Capture and the Push for 5G

After having read the reports of a journalistic collective called Investigate Europe, the many articles from Microwave News as well as all the publications from independent scientists from around the world, who for years have all been ringing alarm bells on adverse health effects from the use of mobile phones and EMF, we decided that we needed to dig deeper into this strange, unknown to the public but powerful scientific NGO based in Germany called the ‘International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection’ (ICNIRP).

BlackRock Invests in Censorship

Why is BlackRock, the largest investment firm in the world, promoting censorship? That is a question clients might want to ask after BlackRock cast its shareholder votes against a proposal designed to ensure transparency in how Big Tech platforms respond to government demands for censorship.