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The Member of Parliament

The Member of Parliament

Originally published on December 19th 2021.

By Johanna and Frank Wahlig

We started out with the video “The Journalist” about Boris Reitschuster, which immediately reached 500,000 views. Every two weeks a new installment of KOLLATERAL will be released.

The thought provoking, disturbing, moving fates of people that suffer under political mandates were first published under the name “Kollateralschaden” on The stories can now be seen in short films called “KOLLATERAL”.

Part 3 is about  Axel E. Fischer, a member of parliament who, after 23 years, lost his mandate, and how that relates to his ethics and the role of the public prosecution’s office.

The member of Parliament: ‘With Merz, Merkel is history’

Axel E. Fischer always won his constituency (Karlsruhe/Land), and by a huge margin. How  can somebody like that be ditched practically overnight? After 23 years in Parliament. Fischer was a strong, independent member of parliament. Almost an anachronism in the time of “no alternative” Merkel.

Fischer was an outspoken supporter of concentrating on issues rather than attitude. Today he says,  “With the election of Friedrich Merz, the “no alternative” policies of Merkel are history.”

Ask questions and lose your mandate!

“I was somebody who followed his conscience and was committed to the voters, all those years,” says Fischer. Why is somebody like that removed? Without reason?. Because some circles wanted it like that, planned it and carried it out. Perhaps  – a  guess.

In the parliamentary group of his party, the CDU [Christian Democratic Union], he wanted to discuss  corona related policies. “Corona is a matter of objective assessment, not of attitude.” The Federal Chancellery didn’t like to hear such things. Fischer, after six terms in Parliament, wasn’t without influence. His arguments carried weight. Yet, what does reason matter, if you’re only supposed to fall in line? What is criticism of the chancellor’s policies worth, when “close your eyes and go through with it” is demanded?

In March 2021 Fischer’s immunity was waived. The public prosecution’s office searched his offices and home in Berlin and Karlsruhe. Suspicion of accepting undue advantage, dubious relations to Azerbaijan. Files, computers were confiscated, his mobile phone  data “sucked dry.” Fischer knew: This is how a career ends. That’s it.

The Merkel critic was politically anathematised.

“I’m not corrupt. I’m awaiting the termination of the proceedings,” says Fischer. He has been waiting for 9 months now. In vain.

Suspicion weighed heavier than the presumption of innocence. Party friends rushed to distance themselves. Fischer lost his mandate. He was shunned in the parliament. Other critics of Merkel were also struck by the political ban. Careers ended. How convenient.

Fischer is fighting back against untruthful accusations of the press. “I won’t put up with it anymore”. Those nippy ‘journalists’ need to revoke, print counter statements, and pay the cost of warning notices.

Somebody is fighting back here. And he might just win. At the very least, reestablish his good reputation.

“A Fischer cannot be bought.” Says Fischer about Fischer.

Translation: Datz


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