Censorship & Independent Publishing in the New Normal Reich

Censorship & Independent Publishing in the "New Normal Reich" - November 5, 2022

Since the rollout of the "New Normal" in March of 2020, independent publishers, authors, journalists, and countless others have been subjected to an unprecedented campaign of censorship, demonization, and other tactics designed to silence and delegitimize dissent. Internet content has been censored. Organizations and individuals have been deplatformed. Bank accounts have been frozen. Books have been banned. Are we experiencing an ugly but fleeting moment in history or the transition to a more totalitarian form of global governance? How can we — as dissident writers, publishers, and readers — respond?
A discussion with a panel of authors, publishers, and journalists who have experienced this censorship campaign up close and personal: CJ Hopkins (Consent Factory), Robert Cibis (OVALmedia), Piers Robinson and Heike Brunner (PANDA), Catherine Austin Fitts (Solari), Simon Elmer (Architects for Social Housing), Kit Knightly (OffGuardian), Elze van Hamelen (Der Andere Krant), and Søren Kristoffersen (Det Poetiske Bureau).

Elze van Hamelen writes for De Andere Krant - the other newspaper - a Dutch 100% reader funded printed newspaper.

A series of articles on large scale social engineering/ behavioral manipulation techniques that are employed by our government was written for De Andere Krant, and published in English on Global Research:
The Citizen's Brain Is the Battlefield in 21st-century Warfare
- https://www.globalresearch.ca/citizen-brain-battlefield-21st-century-warfare/5794156

Here is an overview of English interviews conducted for De Andere Krant that explore what we are up against, and what we can do about it
- https://vanhamelen.eu/en/blog-2/

Other useful links:
Wesite: https://off-guardian.org
Telegram: https://t.me/offguardian
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OffGuardian0
Kit Knightly Twitter: https://twitter.com/kit_knightly
PANDA censorship series: https://www.pandata.org/deafening-silencing/
Organisation for Propaganda Studies: http://propagandastudies.ac.uk
Propaganda in Focus https://propagandainfocus.com