Hold On – 2021 | Pierre Barnérias – Part 2

The documentary ‘Hold on‘ sheds light on the issues surrounding covid-19 vaccination. The French blockbuster documentary about the true origins and background of the so-called Corona pandemic. Hold Up interviewed caregivers, researchers, experts and lawyers to offer another look at the crisis. Denouncing the lies, …

Hold Up – 2020 | Pierre Barnérias

With his documentary “Hold-Up”, the director Pierre Barnérias wanted to denounce the lies, corruption and manipulation in France around the management of the coronavirus. The French blockbuster documentary about the true origins and background of the so-called Corona pandemic. Hold-Up interviewed caregivers, researchers, experts and …

The Big Reset (English version)

Length: 2Std 16min The Spanish filmmaker unveiled the censorship of important experts and he feels: To find out the truth about the pandemic he has to give a voice to these experts. Like a puzzle he illuminates the phenomenon from all sides. The result is …

50 Groups Target Bill Gates

Fifty organizations dedicated to food sovereignty and food justice issues signed an open letter calling out Bill Gates over his latest claim that technology is the solution to world hunger and food sovereignty and asking the media to do a better job of covering the issue.

Our new bookshop is online

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Censorship & Independent Publishing in the New Normal Reich

Since the rollout of the “New Normal” in March of 2020, independent publishers, authors, journalists, and countless others have been subjected to an unprecedented campaign of censorship, demonization, and other tactics designed to silence and delegitimize dissent. Internet content has been censored. Organizations and individuals have been deplatformed. Bank accounts have been frozen. Books have been banned. Are we experiencing an ugly but fleeting moment in history or the transition to a more totalitarian form of global governance? How can we — as dissident writers, publishers, and readers — respond?