We need to talk about the process

What is reality, what is truth? C.J. Hopkins, American playwright, novelist, and political satirist, talks about what postmodernism means in his view, how truth and reality are “formed” and how this all relates to the “mask theatre” of our times. His critical opinion has recently been banned from Amazon.de merely a day after the premiere of “We need to talk about Mr. Global”, a new series at OVALmedia featuring C. J. Hopkins in conversation with Catherine Austin Fitts.

Hope nevertheless…

Craig Murray, Scottish journalist, author and human rights campaigner as well as former diplomat for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, talks about his hope for peaceful changes. COMMENTARY #68 Bookmark

Vera Sharav

The atrocities of the Nazi era include criminal medical experiments and forced sterilizations. The Nuremberg Code of 1947 imparts medical ethical principles in medical education. It is the most important ethical guideline for medical, psychological and other experiments on humans. However, on the occasion of …

KOLLATERAL | The Activist Part 2

Willem Engel has been campaigning for peaceful and non-violent resistance against the government’s measures for some time. Increasingly, he is now being slandered as a seditionist and even terrorist and, as in this film, arrested and imprisoned by the police on the open street. Bookmark