Summary – Going Direct Reset

The “novel” coronavirus pandemic marks the greatest turning point in U.S. monetary history since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. In large measure, the “novel” coronavirus pandemic narrative serves as a convenient cover story that distracts from and even masks the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented maneuvers in 2020—maneuvers that happen to have been planned and discussed in August 2019 some four months prior to the first mention of any “novel” virus in Wuhan, China.


Part 3 is about  Axel E. Fischer, a member of parliament who, after 23 years, lost his mandate, how that relates to his ethics and the role of the public prosecution’s office in this.

Chronicles of a disease:
The headmaster

KOLLATERAL goes on air By Johanna and Frank Wahlig We started out with the video “The Journalist” about Boris Reitschuster, which immediately reached 500.000 views. It’s planned to put out a short film of the KOLLATERAL series every two weeks. The thought provoking, disturbing, moving …