Open Letter: Let’s talk

In a world where fear, anger and anxiety seem to dominate, preserving our humanity and strengthening our solidarity is a global priority for us at OVALmedia. An increasingly polarised media space has punctured our society, affecting families, working spaces and friendships. We believe it is essential to create a space where an empathetic and tolerant dialogue can take place.

Life is by its very nature complex. Each and everyone of us experiences it differently, depending on what has shaped us and where we are at a particular moment in our lives. Each individual perspective is therefore not only valid, but offers an enriching opportunity to expand our understanding of the world. 

The films we make and the other media we create, immerse viewers in other people’s worlds. This allows us to bring the perspective of individuals to the collective, rather than creating distance from others. It facilitates a space for understanding and compassion.

OVALmedia focuses on storytelling that challenges preconceived assumptions and categories such as “right” or “wrong” and aims to build bridges. It is important to us, at this point in our history, to examine dominant narratives, societies, structures, and responses to them.

Access to information from a variety of perspectives is the beating heart of democracy. The current global crisis, as in every crisis before it, has elicited a yearning for clear answers. We do not see the media’s role as supporting a consensus based on this desire; rather, our goal is to present a continuous dialectic.

A democracy, by definition, is built on an unshakable belief in freedom, the sovereignty of the people, and the value of human life. It is also worth remembering that governments are elected by the people for the people to protect these principles.

We do not want to allow our media space to become limited. We want to embody the complexity of life and share it with the public.

On an individual level, we are each our own sovereign, our own ultimate authority, and with such power comes self-responsibility: our ability to understand different points of view and form our own opinions and beliefs from these.

As an international team of media professionals, we believe it is our ethical duty to create a space where free thought is encouraged, pluralistic perspectives are welcomed, tolerance is cultivated, and rational debate exists as a guiding principle.  

We are excited by the prospect of a society that has reclaimed the art of listening and, in doing so, shares the joy of authentic exchange, reaping the knowledge that arises from it.

Please join the conversation.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Cibis
Founder & CEO