Bonus Materials – Chronicle of a Crisis Foretold

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On the controversial definition of the term pandemic:

Peter Doshi: „The elusive definition of pandemic influenza“, Bulletin of the World Health Organisation, Volume 89, Nr. 7, S. 532–538, 01.07.2011

Lawrence K. Altman: „Is This a Pandemic? Define ‘Pandemic’“, New York Times, 08.06.2009

Elizabeth Cohen: „When a pandemic isn’t a pandemic“, CNN, 04.05.2009

Pandemic and bioterrorism simulation games 1999–2019:

February 1999: „Smallpox: An Attack Scenario“

November 2000: „Epidemic Response Scenario: Decision Making in a Time of Plague“

June 2001: „Dark Winter“

September 2003: „Global Mercury“

January 2005: „Atlantic Storm“

May 2018: „Clade X“

Clade X, Background: A Brighter Dawn

October 2019: „Event 201“

Event 201, Segment 4, Communications Discussion (Video)

Political pandemic strategies:

Jacques Attali: „Changer, par précaution“,  L’Express, 03.05.2009

Rockefeller Foundation: „Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development“, May 2010, p. 18,

Norbert Häring: „Lock Step – The eerily prescient pandemic scenario of the Rockefeller Foundation“, 12.05.2020

Norbert Häring: „Lock Step: How the Rockefeller Foundation wants to implement its autocratic pandemic scenario“, 27.05.2020


Josh Margolin, James Gordon Meek: „Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November: Sources“, ABC News, 09.04.2020

„US alerted Israel, NATO to disease outbreak in China in November – TV report“, The Times of Israel, 16.04.2020

On the role of financial markets:

Pam Martens / Russ Martens: „Wall Street’s Financial Crisis Preceded COVID-19: Chart and Timeline“, Wall Street on Parade, 01.05.2020

Paul Schreyer: Pandemic simulation games – Preparation for a new era? (Video), 10.03.2021

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